K. Edward Mitchell is a resident of the western United States. He has two adult children, a son-in-law, a granddaughter and other family. He also enjoys the great benefit of many friends and associates involved with his art of image making. Mr. Mitchell credits his life long involvement with the arts, which ultimately led to his passion for photographic art, to the nurturing and encouragement given him by his parents regarding his creativity.

Prior to his pursuit of the art of photography, Mr. Mitchell studied classical violin, composition and performance, creative writing, and several other media including the applicative arts of drawing, painting, sculpting and ceramics. His interests continue in these various media although now through appreciation more than practice. His personal study of art history as well as his interest in performing arts, such as dance, theater, and opera provides other strong influences on his art. He is greatly interested in fashion and design and enjoys travel, and finds it conducive to his photographic endeavors.

Mr. Mitchell's interest in photography began in the late 1970's with the candid portraits of his children; he turned more seriously to this medium as an art form in the 1980's experimenting with a wide variety of subject matter including wildlife, nature, and scenery, a genre that he continues to enjoy. Abstracts in nature are among his favored projects. He is also fond of working with both his images of antique architectures, and the genre of portraiture, a thing he delights in attempting to do 'differently.'

It is obvious, however, that Mr. Mitchell's favorite subject is human nature evidenced by his great concentration of work and creative spirit involving the many aspects of the physical, emotional, and spiritual human personae. He works with several regular and many other models in a collaborative spirit that has proven to be generative of many unique ideas and projects. This productive environment has developed a very large body of work. An obvious passion of his is indicated in this work with the artistically interpreted, represented and interacted with, human nude form. This existence of body and self is often misunderstood, misrepresented and trivialized by modern society. Thus we have the artist's heartfelt statement concerning the elements of beauty, love, honesty, trust, integrity and individualism of spirit that we as humans possess ? through his models and his compositions. The link between the human physical existence and that of the emotional, psychological and spiritual is precisely what Mr. Mitchell endeavors to portray. He considers his work to be indicative of that which he calls Prosopopeia, the Latin term for personality.

Throughout the entire body of his work a viewer will note many similarities between Mr. Mitchell's portrayals of the physical human identity, and the beauty within the variety of other subject material he chooses to represent through his images. Mr. Mitchell is likely to be the first one to state that he feels there is no difference between an abstract in nature, a beautiful scene, an interesting architecture, a splendid wild creature, a unique portraiture and one of his nudes.

'Art is long and Time is fleeting.'

...And, the greatest of all possible and loving thanks go to Belle H. & T.J., without whom too much of this would not have been possible. The many years have counted for very much.

Nor can any adequate amount of gratitude be given to the models, no matter how much is indicated. Thanks, to one, and to all.

Many thanks to RJ & RM for much of the facility I find myself at work within.

~Special thanks also, to Kind Sir Justin~

2001 K. Edward Mitchell - Photographic Art - USA